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 Заголовок сообщения: Wifi issues with D-link router
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So I've been discovering that my D-link dir-615 router is not playing nice with my GN (i think). The issue is just with the Google Play store and Youtube. I started to notice that my apps were re-downloading very slowly whenever i flashed a new ROM. What i mean by "slowly" is that it takes forever to start downloading each new app when the last one is finished downloading and installing. It just hangs in the "downloading" faze (where the blue line is spinning around and around" for about a minute to sometimes 3 or more. When it actually starts to download its fine and downloads quickly (20mb connection). Its just the time between the apps. At first i thought this was just the way the GN/ICS handled downloading apps. But, today I tested it at my parents and it was completely different. As soon as the one app was done downloading and installing the next one would start to download almost immediately, just like all my other Android phones before this one. I guess if this would be the only issue i could live with it. But, yesterday i was trying to watch a couple Youtube videos and the same thing seemed to happen. It took forever to initially start to buffer the video, it just sits there with the spinning circle thing. When it gets past that part then its ok and seems to buffer fine and usually plays the whole video without a hitch or stopping. What really puzzles me is that web browsing is almost instantaneous like it should be. Its just those two apps that are having trouble. Also I should add that as soon as i switch to 3G/LTE the issues go away. I can only assume that its my router and my GN not playing well together. I've been trying to trouble shoot this myself for over a day now and it seems I've tried everything. I've tried changing channels, changing to b/g only, changing to n only, factory resetting, and almost every other setting that i think could be related. The only thread i could find was this one http://forums.androidcentral.com/ver...orks-help.html , I tried all those suggestions as well with no resolve. Like i said I've searched Google and tried everything that seemed to work for others with similar issues. I did read a few times that D-link routers and Samsung phones sometimes do not seem to work well together but ever other person that had an issue seemed to resolve it with one of the setting changes i tried. One more thing. In the thread I linked to it says that if the wifi icon on the GN is blue then it means that its connected to the Google servers. But even when its blue, I still have the issues. Also, my router works seamlessly with my laptop, Touchpad, and all my other phones I've had. I have no more ideas left other than to go buy a different brand of router. I'm open to any and ALL ideas!

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